Christian UTG Boxing Kickboxing Coach

Christian - UTG Boxing & Kickboxing Coach

UTG Coach Christian is running Boxing, Kickboxing & MMA PT sessions for both fitness and skill (all levels welcome) to get you looking Lean but also Mean for summer!

Christian has many years of Coaching and Fighting experience that he is passionate about passing on his knowledge to our UTG clients.

Although he looks tough on the exterior his a super nice guy wanting to help as many of UTG clients with their overall health and fitness goals along with teaching you a skill or two in striking.

For anyone being Beginner to Advanced in striking!

Christian's credentials and background includes:

  • Black Belt Kyokushin Karate 
  • Black Belt Shidokan Karate 
  • 2 x Australian Full Contact Karate Champion 
  • Representative at World Cup Tournaments 
  • Had Over 60 Fights on the mats or in the ring 
  • Fought Professional Kickboxing in Japan
  • Amateur boxing bouts

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