Personal Training

If you’re looking for a training program that’s designed specifically for you & your goals at training times that suit your schedule, then personal training at UTG is for you.

You will be assigned one of our internationally qualified trainers who will discuss your goals, assess your current fitness levels and analyze your body type, posture, strength’s & weaknesses. Consider it a full fitness and wellness report.

At the Urban training ground have a team of highly qualified and experienced professional trainers who use cutting edge performance techniques and fitness tools to help you achieve results fast – weather it’s a better looking body, reduced pain, increased movement or athletic performance.

Our mission is to enable you to build a sustainable training platform that will last you a lifetime.

Your trainer will not just look at your exercise needs, they will also assess your diet, nutrition & lifestyle to complete the picture.

In short you’ll not just have a personal trainer but a UTG personal health and fitness coach.


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Transformation Programs

1. BIKINI BODY READY - TRIM, TIGHTEN AND TONE with our Guaranteed Fat Burning workouts. Get the BODY you desire and deserve, look and feel great this summer. We focus on training the way the body was designed to, with full body workouts, timed intervals to maximize high intensity zones and calorie expenditure to ensure your time training is spent burning fat.

2. SHREDDED FOR SUMMER – Increase LEAN MUSCLE, DECREASE BODY FAT & GET SHREEDED this summer with our unique strength and conditioning training. We guarantee you will train with us in ways you haven’t trained before giving you the maximum advantage on getting that body your after this summer.

3. GET FIT WITHOUT GETTING HIT Learn boxing or kickboxing from one of our UTG coaches who have professional fight experience both in Australia and Thailand. Learn how to effectively punch and kick, train like a fighter, get the body of an athlete all in a safe and friendly environment. Boxing without the Black eyes.

4. TRAIN WITHOUT PAIN – Back pain, Knee pain, Shoulder pain? Any of these or other injuries stopping you from training towards your goals?

Introducing our train without pain including: We work on Movement and not just muscles, This program consists of Flexibility pathways, 3D Movement Patterns, Integrated movement systems, Increased mobility and Flexibility all to help with pain and joint stiffness. Our Motto at UTG is Train Hard but Train Smart to make sure we train and treat our body correctly.

5. PEAK PERFORMANCE – Be ATHLETIC as well as ASTHETIC!!  Performance training, sports specific, agility and ability for all sports specific training to give you and your team the advantage over your competition. We work with individuals and also teams making sure your training is specific to your sport. Biomechanics, Energy systems, Movement patterns along with pre and post testing to measure your overall performance. 

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