Injury Rehab

UTG provides a completely FRESH approach to treating Injury and recovery by bringing a brand new IDEA to the wellness industry in Sydney. We address the cause & NOT the symptom. We have the education the experience and the success stories to prove that our approach is by far the fastest, most effective and sustainable program available on the market. 

By blending both our Rehab knowledge, functional movement analysis together with our strength and conditioning background we have the ability to give our clients the whole package and see them through to a fully functioning and well oiled machine. 

The Rehab room is a program which is individually provided on a case by case basis, firstly we assess all our clients with a thorough questionnaire to give us insight into each clients physical history, we then take you through a movement assessment where will look for your movement dysfunctions throughout the body. It doesn’t just finish here, we are constantly assessing and re assessing so that we can help address the cause not quick fix the symptom like many other practitioners. 

At UTG we have treated everyone form post ACL reconstruction knee operations to fascial therapy for clients who have suffered work place accidents, countless office syndrome clients and post fight, competitive massage and recovery programs for athletes so they are ready to compete week after week.

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