UTG Class Descriptions

Weekend Warrior – Get out and get active on the weekend and release the warrior within. Bound to be a fun, highly motivating and effective large circuit workout utilizing our large open ‘Playground Area’ full of our leading edge training tools, guaranteed to leave you feeling fired up for the weekend ahead.

Dynamic Strength (The Gun Show) – Dynamic strength takes strength training and lifting to a whole new level. This class focuses specifically on building muscle and developing a strong, powerful and toned body. If you normally train at chain gyms be sure to check this out, we put a whole new spin on weight training and muscle building for maximum fun, results and functionality.

Half Hour Hurricane (Triple H)– Lose Fat Fast, Expect a short high intensity burst of training guaranteed to get your metabolism firing. Focusing on bodyweight movements, plyometrics and explosive bursts of sprints to keep your heart rate elevated.

Core of the Floor – Are you Fed up with sit ups and endless planks you get at regular fitness classes? We have designed this class for you to fire up the core muscles in movement like you have never trained before, improving posture, stability and your 6 pack!

This session uses all the latest kit: JGXT (body suspension trainer), kettlebells, BXT (Body Extreme Trainer), weights and bands. This is great for ALL levels of fitness.

HIIT Blast – Take your cardio to the next level with this High Intensity interval session that provides an awesome all-round body workout! This fun yet highly effective class gets you super fit and melts body fat fast. HIIT Blast will push your physical fitness to new heights through constant variation and support within a group environment. Get ready for HIIT BLAST the Ultimate Weekly Workout.

Simply Shredded – This session has been designed for those who are bored with their standard strength and cardio training and want to shake it up with something new and different.  Shredded gets you to work at high intensity with body weight, resistance and dynamic movements that you won’t have tried before. Simply Shredded focuses on core strength, plyometrics, lifting, pushing and pulling, and is great for those who want to burn fat, build muscle and get in insane shape.

UTG Challenge - Enter the UTG Challenge – we set up a series of exercises that challenge all aspects of physical fitness, and you hit as many rounds as possible in the allotted time. The UTG Challenge is great for tracking progress in an energizing, challenging and fun way! You will leave feeling a sense of achievement and eagerness to conquer the next challenge ahead.




UTG BOX FIT is one of our most popular classes, this High Intensity session includes Focus Pad punching for cardio rounds, fun and challenging drills, combinations and resistance rounds for a great whole body workout. Classes are designed to get the maximum benefits from each session including weight loss, muscle tone, strength, increased fitness and confidence.

All boxing equipment supplied if needed.


Adding an extra 6 weapons into the mix this KICBOX FIT class includes punches, kicks, elbows and knees to maximise energy demand in this action packed class.  Take your training and combinations to another level with the KICKBOX FIT class.

All kickboxing equipment supplied if needed.



FFC is a class like no other. Broken up into workout rounds. It’s a great way to burn fat, decrease stress and have fun at the same time, utilizing UTG’s array of boxing, kickboxing and MMA gear. Extremely fun and high energy session for all levels of fitness and ability. No having to hold pads for partners instead go at your own pace beginner or advanced. Punch away at heavy bags, utilize your skills on the floor to ceiling balls, ground n pound on the human dummy’s, abs, core and bodyweight skills and drills giving you an overall full body workout.  No boxing experience needed.



We highly recommend you participate in our regular boxing and kickboxing fundamentals class which cover all the beginner to intermediate skills ranging from how to safely and effectively perform punches and combinations. Along with footwork drills and very importantly how to hold the pads.