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Exercise and Fitness - MOVEMENT OVER MACHINES with Functional Training

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Exercise and Fitness - MOVEMENT OVER MACHINES with Functional Training


UTG Functional Training

Functional training is fast becoming the craze in fitness with much more of a focus on exercising and loading the body in functional movement patterns over the isolated exercises and machines.  Functional movement patterns are movements that replicate normal day to day movements, basically loading the body in the way that it was designed to.


We all want the aesthetics right? Tight thighs and bum, six pack, lean muscle and a low body fat percentage. But what if you could have that plus more!  Functional training is able to provide the same asthetic benefits, with the added attraction of improving your efficiency of movement, decreasing injury risk and improving athletic performance.


There is definitely a time and place for certain clients or athletes who are in need of machines and isolated training, but the fitness industry is moving away from standard gyms, machines and bodybuilding and now we are seeing a growth in specialised training facilities, movement academies, calisthenics and gymnastic based movements.  


Of course, all exercise involves movement, but most people have lost the ability to move correctly. Sitting at desks in front of computers causes muscle imbalances, poor posture, and, subsequently, bad movement patterns during exercise……….. They say sitting is the new smoking!!


To then top it off people are going to most standard gyms after sitting at a desk all day to then only sit again on a piece of equipment and work on an isolated muscle group doing a movement that isn’t a necessity in staying healthy in everyday life.  As a result, you won’t get as much out of your workouts and injury becomes a common factor.  

UTG Functional Training


Instead of being stuck in the forward straight motion (or on train tracks), it’s time to get moving the way the body was designed to in a range of different angles and planes of movement. Functional training bases many exercises on  the fundamentals such as run, jump, climb, crawl, twist, shift, push and pull.


There is strong evidence supporting the connection between movement and learning. Evidence from imaging sources, anatomical studies and clinical data shows that movement and exercise enhances cognitive processing.  We need to better allocate recourses to harness the hidden power of movement, sport and exercise. This attitude has become more and more prevalent among scientists who study the brain.  It’s time for educators and fitness professionals to catch on!!


We all have very similar biological blue prints as humans.  As a movement specialist I view the body as a tensegrity, in which we are made up of bones, muscles, connective tissue, nervous system and joints. With true functional movement the body has to adapt to a wide range of different forces, loads and challenges in order to make the body fluid in motion.  This takes both muscular strength as well as cognitive processing in the brain in order to co-ordinate and control this strength.


Learning a new skill activate large areas of the brain that in many lays dormant in everyday life.  Neuroscientists have shown on numerous occasions that the enzymes released in the brain when learning a new skill, improve the function and processing power of the brain.  Why not make sure you exercise your brain and your body at the same time!


These days people are so time poor its important you get the most out of your exercise routines which are generally only 1 hour in the day and on average 3 times per week.  This isn’t much considering there are 168 hours in a week. To get better bang for your buck you need to be doing full body workouts that challenge your brain and don’t involve sitting on a piece of equipment, isolating one or small muscle groups per excercise.


Even if its for a few hours a week, get into some form of functional training.   Put down your smart phone, step away from the computer and avoid the mundane machines and isolated exercises most people are still doing.  One quick tip would be to master some bodyweight exercises and then add resistance to these movements with tools such as Dumbells, Kettlebells, Suspension Trainers (TRX) and more.


Movement based therapies are now widely accepted as the biggest healers.

As with all forms of exercise, make sure with any functional movement training you avoid pain but use discomfort, load or stress in controlled levels as a gauge to know the body is working to its full potential, the way it’s designed to.  It’s time to get FITTER, FASTER, STRONGER in half the time and with less injuries or long term damage to joints and soft tissue.


At Urban Training Ground (UTG), we put the FUN back into FUNCTIONAL training. The Fitness Playground for adults. 


UTG Funcational Training FUN 



At UTG we focus on movement not just muscles.




Coach McCoy 

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